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Life is Good...

You have all heard that expression before. Well, for me, it was when I stepped into InMotion and started Physical Therapy for the first time. The staff there is so, well, "real". They made me feel comfortable and always cautious on how they would train me for living with Arthritis. They per say, "showed me the ropes". Sure, I could have went anywhere for Physical Therapy, but I chose Matt because of his kind, and invigorating approach. I would be happy to get word out how important PROPER exercise is for our physical being. The massages I have received from the gifted talent of Sue and Rachel, were spectacular. I only wish i was a millionaire so i could afford to see them once a week to get rid of the constant pain that Arthritis causes. Many Americans have to live with this disabling disease, and should be thankful there are people willing to get you through those real tough times.

Thank You again InMotion...

Gail Salem, Wadsworth

Angela was always helpful and pleasant keeping me informed by answering any questions I had with my insurance. Matt and Sue did an excellent job trying and achieving a significant improvement in my range of motion. I am still maintaining my exercise program to get as functional as possible. If the occasion would arise again, I would use this facility. My gratitude goes to the whole staff.

It was great. I am still not 100% but am real close. Thanks for everything!!

InMotion has a very relaxed atmosphere and helpful personnel.

The massages always made me feel better. I do think the exercises (stretches) need to be ongoing. I was favorably impressed with the staff, atmosphere and recommend InMotion to several friends.